What its Like to be a Soldier

The army is not a place that rewards you for service. It’s a place where you sacrifice yourself for the army and for the country, every day. True, you are tasked with the security of millions, and this responsibility is a tremendously great honor. However, for the sake of protecting freedom you must give up […]

Course Ivrit

After finishing basic training, I’m finally doing what I came for at the base where I’ve served this whole time: learning Hebrew. The days are easier now, even though they are very similar to my tironot (basic training) days. We still run from place to place, but we’re given more time to get there. We […]

Tekes Ashba: Swearing Ceremony

On Monday, December 30 2013 I finished Tironot (basic training level 02) and swore to uphold the duties of a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces. This was a moment of awe, of reverence, of trepidation, and it lasted for 5 hours from its beginning to its end. Our swearing ceremony took place in Akko, […]