Mag Week

Last week was the week our unit was split up and sent off to learn their particular job with all the other soldiers from the other companies with the same job. In other words, all the magists were joined together. We sat in a class room learning the intricacies of the Mag, things that weren’t […]


This week we received our combat specific specializations (our Pakal). A specialization can be a sharp shooter, a grenade launcher, a rocket launcher, a squad leader, a medic, etc, etc. I have always been a good shot, so my hope has always been that I would become a sharp shooter. I was among the people […]

Masa Ashba

Now we are up to the events of this week! On Sunday night we had our most recent Masa, it was 12 kilometers. 10 kilometers straight up walking fast, with the usual running every few seconds to close the gaps between soldiers, and two kilometers at the end carrying people on stretchers. The army figured […]


Finally we returned to base! And some time after, we threw grenades. Now, in our lesson before the actual throwing we studied about all the different types of grenades. Smoke grenades, flash bangs, fragmentation, etc etc… Do you know how many fragments fly out of the fragmentation grenade? 1024 body piercing fragments. Wow. No one […]

Another Field Week

I assumed we were going to base for a nice shower and Shabbat. But no, we were quickly stopped at another location where we were ordered to get out. The rest of that Friday was spent in another field, with less thorns but no grass and all sand. We put up giant tents, I even […]

War Week

In the middle of the night we were woken up and ordered to get out of our jammies and into our uniforms, clean our rooms, and then put on our full battle gear. Eventually we were walking in two straight lines in our combat vests and carrying equipment. The army loaded us into redesigned army […]

Mt. Gilboa

Its been a very long time since I updated this blog which I hope to rectify with at least a partial account of what has happened during the last three weeks. Sadly, a soldier’s memory isn’t very good. Ask me what I did on base the same day, and I am likely to forget even […]