I Don’t Like Being Controlled

Two weeks ago my unit closed its first Shabbat. On Friday night, while I was waiting for my shift at being Maazin (army slang for watchman, the job is to stand guard near the battalion’s armory and look out for intruders who want to enter into the Battalion’s part of the base). I met another […]

Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights?

Because on all other nights we do not receive gifts on our bed and a choice of presents, we do not receive free and unlimited phone calls abroad, we do not eat extremely fancy and delicious hotel food, but on the 15 of Nissan 5774 – we did. I don’t remember much of the last […]

No Strength for the Mornings

An entire barracks is deep in dream world when the dreary voice of a commander, who has less sleep than any of the soldiers he is training, shouts “everyone has 2 minutes to make formation outside!” For the second hottest place in the world, its cold in the mornings. The desert at night leaves much […]

Have You Rabak?

Rabak: A military term for fire under your ass. Rabak is an inner burst of energy that, like an oil fire, takes forever to burn up. You are considered to have rabak when you are running all the time, and ready to do everything that you just did, all over again. Its when you are […]