Targil Stam

Twice a year, every brigade has to go through a period of military exercises called “imun”. The Kfir brigade has been in imun since the end of January, and it is now essentially ending. It begins with a week in which every platoon does a field week, then every company, then every battalion, then finally […]

As an American Citizen, am I Guilty of Dual Loyalty?

Many of the people I served with in the Israeli Army have asked me “Why didn’t you join the U.S. Army?” The answer is that I might have.  I believe my whole preoccupation with problems on a global scale and political issues in general stems from being an 11 year old boy living in New York […]

From Jordan Valley to Golan Heights

Having finished moslul (our first Kav), and the short period of exercises my battalion (Lavi) was doing in Kriyat Gat, my platoon got on a bus and went off to a base in the Jordan Valley to do one month of Kav with the special reconnaissance unit of the IDF’s tank division known as Palsar […]