My Final Arrest Mission

My army service is coming to an end and even though I still don’t know when my hofshash (mandatory vacation before I finish my service) will start, I know this will be my final arrest as an active duty soldier. The prep for the arrest has become second nature to us, a lot like gathering […]

Riot Dispersal and Movie Night

The next day, we went to the field to do a standard company test. It’s similar to what I described in my last blog. Its a company-wide 3k run under timed conditions, in full gear, and with three stretchers open with people on them. Then a Yalam which is a 200 meter sprint after which […]

One Week From Kav Jenin

The last week on our base in the Golan Heights was part aimless, and part full of the usual give 110%. We closed Shabbat on base, this is time for you to lay in your bed, and do nothing for as long as Shabbat lasts including a few hours before and about an hour after. […]